blogoxy brings more readers to the bloggers

So, at last is standing on its feet. A lot of hard work has gone in this project and looking back I and my team feel so good!

You can imagine how excited we all are. I hope that our efforts bring color and can help fellow bloggers.

I have been so frustrated because there is no good mechanism to market the blogs. Hopefully, will empower fellow bloggers for marketing their blogs.

We are starting in a very soft way. Thats the reason why we are launching only for food blogs. Yes…I love food. And food is the reason why we all survive. So, in true fashion of a food enthusiast, blogoxy is open for fellow food bloggers.

Please give us your feedback. And yes…do visit our blogoxy blog at:


About Sandeep Chauhan
Strategy/Marketing professional with interest in analyzing growth opportunities and trends.

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