How to blog regularly?

As promised, I will share my thoughts about this topic.

Let us analyze (non-professional) bloggers for their incentives/roadblocks for blogging:


1. It is fun to communicate
2. Feedback from known (or random) people.
3. Freedom of speech (O ya..I can say whatever I want to in my blog)
4. Mental stimulation – Some intelligent thoughts do come by while writing


1. Boredom (Ya…people get bored of it)
2. It is not directly related to our business, family or other things deemed important in life
3. No incentive if there are no feedbacks
4. Lack of time
5. Forgetting that I have a blog 🙂

There would be other points also, but here are some tips for those who want to write regularly. Note: I am going to try these tips myself. Will see if I can follow them religiously or not 😉

1. Have 3-4 topics lined up for writing. This helps in generating ideas when you are in the mood of writing.
2. Read religiously about the topics of your interest. This leads to mental stimulation and which ultimately generates new ideas that you can put on your blog.
3. If possible, give 30 min per day (or every 2-3 days) to your blog.
4. Engage with feedback providers. This leads to discussions, which ultimately loops back into motivation to write.
5. Visit other blogs and engage in discussions.
6. Involve your social graph in the discussion.
7. Use microblog to stream out small snippets of your thoughts

There would be other good ideas as well. Maybe we can brainstorm them later…or in comments.



About Sandeep Chauhan
Strategy/Marketing professional with interest in analyzing growth opportunities and trends.

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