New features for Job-boards

Job-boards have made good changes in the past 5 years but still a lot can be done to improve the experience of recruiters and the users.

Here are 5 good-to-have features for current (or new) job-board companies:

1. Resume hosting service: This will be like data hosting service where the user’s resume will be viewable online. There can be 2 versions of it, leading to 2 revenue streams from this feature: (1) The company can hide “contact info” and therefore the recruiters will have to pay to view the contact info. (2) Users can pay some amount and make their complete resume “viewable”. Yes, LinkedIn has resume..but thats very “primitive”. Users should be able to upload the files, or use templates to change the display.

2. Ranking: User should be able to view his ranking vis-a-vis other applicants for the position. For example, if I apply for a job “A”, then I should be able to know how many other applicants have applied and where do I stand vis-a-vis them in experience, education, and other comparable attributes.

3. Feedback Box: As an applicant, I want to prepare myself for the upcoming interview. Feedback from other applicants who applied for the position(s) in the company would help me understand the recruitment process of the company. I will be able to identify beforehand what qualities are being sought for that position…and this in turn will enable me display my best qualities during the interview. Feedback could be kept anonymous..or it could be paid service..but it depends on the implementation.

4. Connections: I have friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, Orkut, Email-addressbook. When I am looking for a job, I need help from anywhere. LinkedIn does a good job of “referral”. But the same concept can be extended to Email, Facebook etc. Job-boards should be able to find which people can refer to me in a company based on my email connections and facebook connections.

5. Preemptive recommendation:  Job-boards should reach out to users who are currently “employed” and are “not actively looking” with suggestive new positions that enhances their career growth. This is different from simple email that currently companies do. They should be like online “career consultants” who keep track of my career and give me timely suggestions about what skills I should acquire to grow in next few months.



About Sandeep Chauhan
Strategy/Marketing professional with interest in analyzing growth opportunities and trends.

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