SAAS with iOS: Powerful

When iphone was launched (6-7 years ago), little did we know that one of its biggest weapons would be its “Closed Application Ecosystem”. Several years later, we see that mobile apps are a part of our daily life. They have permeated into the corporate world as well. Companies are building mobile interfaces in their existing applications for their employees and customers.

Development of Cloud (in Enterprise) is another significant development of the last decade. Fixed costs converted to Variable costs. New companies successfully challenged the dominance of traditional large players.

Mixing the 2 big developments of the last decade creates another set of powerful products. Cloud apps consumed on Mobile devices (with inputs like Location, and Identity) become even more useful. Traditional enterprises like Banks, Insurance, Real Estate, Restaurant Delivery….all have powerful mobile apps. There are few industries like Healthcare and Manufacturing etc, that are running behind the curve. Good opportunity for new comers to tap into these industries and come up with disruptive mobile solutions.


Current Socialgraph has limitations

Many Internet experts are saying that  “Socialgraph” is very powerful and will be the base of a new set of innovative applications in future. My theory is that the connections on the Internet (aka Facebook) are good but they have their own limitations.

Here are 3 characteristics of Facebook stream and socialgraph as we see it today:

Not very useful: Facebook  filters (organizes) content based on Socialgraph and then puts it on stream. My personal observation is that the content that I get on Facebook stream has very little value. They are mostly “b’day wishes from friends-to-friends, photo tagging, and hilarious comments”. They are funny and good-to-have but are NOT very important.

Real-to-Virtual Mapping: Theory behind Socialgraph is that a person’s qualities (personality) can be characterized by his/her friends and their interactions. This theory is correct and works well in normal situations. However, when we talk about interactions on Facebook, 2 important things are missing: a) My friends on Facebook are NOT my “friends”. They are acquaintances. b) My interactions with them is limited to mostly 3 things as said above.

Interactions: Interactions on Facebook are mostly “positive”. In real life, we interact with positive and negative comments/behavior. Unless, we replicate “real life communication” within Social graph, it will be very difficult to deduce anything substantial out of it.

These observations point me to think that either Socialgraph is not powerful enough or Facebook is not making good use of it.

Looking at the money and resources that Facebook has, I tend to believe that they are doing their best in making SocialGraph useful. Maybe the current  Graph itself has limitations and needs to be extended.

~ ciao

Startup in bad economy

What happens to the startup sector when economy goes south? Let us discuss top 3 drivers one by one:
1. Funding: Dries up. Very hard to get money for new ventures. (Negative)
2. Resources: Good opportunity. A lot of high talented people in tech, marketing, operations etc are looking for jobs. Simple rule of demand-supply and you can see the picture. (Positive)
3. Creativity: Necessity is the mother of invention. With that phrase, I would call it positive.

In MBA terms, I would put them as : Finance, Operations, and Innovation. All 3 of them are required to launch a succesful comnpany. With 2 positives and 1 negative (finance), it does not bode well. But..hold on a sec…do we really need a lot of capital to start a new Internet company? Also, bad economy means that operations will become a bit inexpensive as well. So, its not a dire situation.

Overall, it boils down to individuals. Succesful entrepreneurs and VCs would tell you that its the team that matters (not the idea). And in a downward economy, it might matter a bit more. But at the end of the depends on you. If you have that “instinct”..then you will survive. If not, then join the ever increasing club 🙂